Karin Jensen

When my husband and I started the house hunting process, we were totally clueless. We were first time home buyers coming from a state that is still a buyer’s market, one where we could go to a showing and “think about it” for a week or so and then offer well below asking price and still get the house of our dreams. Poor Aly had to navigate the murky waters of “Buyers-Who-Don’t-Know-Anything”. She was so kind, helpful and patient with us. We were demanding, yet didn’t know what we wanted exactly. We were sure we wanted one house, and then changed our minds. If we felt any pressure coming from any side, we backed out. I was ready to jump, my husband wanted to think it through. We really were nightmare clients, and yet Aly kept her cool and remained positive and patient. Finally after weeks of liking houses, and putting in low offers just to be outbid in this seller’s market, we decided it was time to get serious. We scheduled a full Saturday of showings, starting at 10 am, and ending late afternoon. We saw eight houses in one day, and put offers on three different homes. Finally, we were going somewhere! One of our offers was accepted! Aly kept us informed through the whole process, from the inspection to the appraisal, she was there. The week of closing, we almost lost the house because my husband was on a business trip and I didn’t want to close without him. Aly was, once again, calm and steady as she explained the seriousness of the situation. We were able to close on the house of our dreams, and have been happily in our home for 4 months now. She was an invaluable asset for us in our home purchase journey. We recommend her to anyone we know who is searching, and are so grateful for the recommendation that led us to her.

— Karin Jensen