Jerred Nelson & Brandy Myers

Aly Yorek, of Keller Williams, came to the door of the house we were renting and introduced herself. She had an open house on our block and wanted to let us know. She was very personable and we knew that within a few months we would be in the market for an agent. When that time came, she helped us to navigate the crazy market and we have been extremely happy with her service, her communication style, her urgency when needed and her overall professional approach to us. She never pushed us on any of the properties that we visited with her, but always provided a very balanced opinion when solicited. She also actively helped us find homes that were very specific to our tastes, which was difficult, I’m sure! When we actually bid for the property that we bought, she advised us on what a good price would be and when the appraisal was completed we came out with instant equity. All these attention to details and taking care of client’s interests are rare things in today’s red hot housing market. We would highly recommend her services and we definitely would use her when the time comes for our next transaction.

— Jerred Nelson & Brandy Myers